The Sublime Character of the best of all creation, Muhammad ﷺ

Khuluqun Adheem is a foundational course that dives deep into the sublime character and noble mannerisms of the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ. Through this course, students will be given the necessary knowledge to put into practice the manners exemplified by the greatest creation of Allāh! This course serves as the prerequisite to all the courses in the institution, as knowledge can only be acquired after one has the proper Ādāb and Akhlāq (Character and Manners).

June 24th - July 25th
Monday - Thursday: 10:00 A.M CST - 11:30 A.M CST
Taught by Shaykh Okasha Kameny
Tuition: $250 (including $20 registration fee)

Registration Closed

وَإِنَّكَ   لَعَلَىٰ  خُلُقٍ  عَظِيمٍ

" And, indeed you (Muḥammad ﷺ) are of a great moral character "
(Al-Qalam - 4)

Course Overview

Khuluqun Adheem (The Sublime Character) is a monumental book taught in a dynamic course that highlights the character of the best human being ever to live. It consists of 18 Codes of Conduct derived from the divine words of Allāh with clear instructions on how to observe and follow them in one's daily life. This course is a unique experience that helps reform the state of a person first, as a means of reforming the state of the Ummah. Due to the impact that this course is meant to inspire in the hearts of the students of knowledge, this class is a prerequisite to all of AHI's courses whether taken before or parallel to the other classes. 

Course Objectives


Khuluqun Adheem serves as the prerequisite course for all courses at Al-Hirz Institute. And without it, no student is permitted to enroll in any other class offered by the Institute.

أَلَا أُخْبِرُكُمْ بِأَحَبِّكُمْ إِلَيَّ وَأَقْرَبِكُمْ مِنِّي مَجْلِسًا يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ؟ أَحْسَنُكُمْ خُلُقًا

“Shall I tell you about the most beloved to me and the closest to my assembly on the Day of Resurrection?” “Those with the best character.”

(Musnad Aḥmad - 6696)

Student Testimonials
"Of all the courses I have ever taken, Khuluqun Adheem with Shaykh Okasha, Allāh preserve him, was without a doubt the most impactful. In every lesson, we learned practical codes of ethics for living in the most beautiful way. The course material was extraordinarily relevant and wholly traditional, and after each lesson I was able to emulate Prophetic qualities that were previously abstract. Every student of sacred knowledge must complete this class in order to benefit most from their studies."
Irslan Ahmad
Al-Hirz Institute Student
"After taking Khuluqun Adheem in the summer of 2019, it truly revolutionized the way I dealt with others. The codes we learned about how to engage with one another, I have found them applicable in all areas of my life. Truly one of the best classes to implement prophetic character into one's life."
Mansur Syed
Al-Hirz Institute Student
"Took this course and it was absolutely life changing. A rare opportunity to learn from one of the most knowledgeable shuyookh in the worl I constantly look to apply the codes of conduct we have learned in all my interactions with people in order to continue to develop and improve upon my character."
Yusuf Khan
Khuluqun Adheem Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

Class recordings will not be made available to students. All students are required to attend all classes. If for any circumstance a student can't make it to class on a certain day, then they are allowed to ask a classmate to share their notes with them from the class that was missed.

Al-Hirz Institute currently offers Khuluqun Adheem twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter.

No there is not, every student is required to fulfill the Khuluqun Adheem prerequisite set in place by the Institute.

The goal of this course is to learn Khuluqun Adheem and bring a change in ones life and impact ones family and community. When one completes this course, they will be saved in our database as a Khluqun Adheem graduate and will be cleared to enroll in other courses offered by A-Hirz.

Yes there is an exam which must be passed for students to pass the class.